If you look for deburring machine! “METAL-ESTE” which a metal sheet specialists pursuit for all metal sheet specialists. ST-LINK Co., Ltd.

About Brush

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE About Brush

We offer you each brush on METAL-ESTE depended on the target materials, burr’s strength, your request.


Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE  Brush

“The finished surface” is as important as haw much you deburr when you remove burr by deburring machine.

When you deburr on plated steel sheet, you should not scratch the surface as much as possible.
On the other hand, when you deal with stainless or painting, you need to blur the scratches by brushes to achieve better painting.

METAL-ESTE has the flexibility to answer all of them.

Brush for removing oxide layer is now available!

wire brush


Deburring Machine | METAL-HANDS brush

You could do many works by a METAL-HANDS from deburring to removing drosses and oxide films.

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