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Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE Introduction Example

Since we developed this for “Niigata dream & technique & making Support project in 2004” competition, Many metal sheet companies start to use this including as a monitor.

Metal sheet processing company Working Brush: F1504SP

We deburred with a grinder and file before introducing METAL-ESTE, We succeed to reduce the working time by 20% thanks to that.
Also, we feel to improve the working environment because the deburring working space is dramatically clean now where dust always went up.

We do not deburr every our product so that we still work with a grinder at the same time.
I heard that the awareness of cleaning has improved because of the better working environment.
Recently, we also have introduced METAL-HANDS and get more productive deburring works.

We appreciate the good reviews about periodic checks including dust gathering machine and follow-up system, which we think it as the most important.

Kitchen equipment maker Working brush: P1805

We mainly deal with stainless parts after laser processing(10mm – 800mm corner and 2000mm long objects).
We do not care about whether it is up or down when we deburr because it is mostly back side processing. We usually deburr the products’ surface with protective vinyl and peel.

Thanks to introduction of METAL-Este, we succeed to decreas the number of worker for finishing to half people. The machine works 15 hours a day.

Airplane Maker using wheel: F4004

It is the three-dimension deburring and chamfering example by profile and machining processing of aluminium.

Airplane Maker using wheel: F4004It is the request model for 0.3R. The product has many gaps, and the most radical parts were 10mm. Therefore, It is impossible to make all edges even R. Higher part has big R and lower parts has little R.
We discussed a lot, and only METAL-ESTE meets the client’s order in 0.3-0.5R so that we decided to introduce it.
We decided to use #400 soft grinding brush with abrasive grain to chamfer evenly in 10mm order gaps. Furthermore, we succeed to chamfer within an allowance with low rotor speed and deep grinding.

Like this example, METAL-ESTE could deburr and chamfer three-dimensional objects in little gaps, and also it is good at even chamfering order.
A chamfering was hand-work after rough machining so far. This example shows that Our customer seems to be so happy with cutting down all aspects of the process by METAL-ESTE.

Home Electrical Appliance Manufacturer, Using wheel: P1805

Example of the Deburring Surface-treated steel sheet SECC (Bonderized steel) after laser cutting.

Home Electrical Appliance Manufacturer, Using wheel: P1805We use soft grinding brush with low speed like introduction model and deburr without much pressure on the surface so that we succeed to deburr without peeling the top plating film.
The famous, well-used Bonderized steel in surface-treated steel sheet is less plating on the upper part because it just has 0.6μm. Therefore, It is difficult material for deburring machine, but you could put the thickness gap down under 0.1μm if you manage the condition properly and deburr without too many scratches.
We observed how much rusts happen after the salt spray test to compare the corrosion resistance between before and after deburring and each one does not look much different from the corrosion resistance. We could say that corrosion resistance does not decrease with deburring.

We need fast speed processing to get a soft touch so that we introduce the METAL-ESTE 1300 to get high-speed processing.
We heard that it is better quality than hand processing at this moment.

Builder’s hardware company

We are dealing with various materials like SUS304, SPC, Aluminium. Almost all of them are small parts, and the smallest one is half size of a card.
We doubt whether it fix all with vacuum, and after tests, It deburrs well with sucking than we thought.
We introduce the standard METAL-ESTE now, and it works well.

We were using another deburring machine. METAL-ESTE shows us a better performance to get smooth results and work with small products, which old machine could not deal with.

Metal sheet and laser processing company Using wheel: 1805

Deburring SUS304 and 2B material after laser cutting. It is the example which left 2B materials texture without making the scratches.

It is normal to scratch the surface when we deburr on a stainless and rather merit because it is easy to order the machine and use brushes freely. It is also advantaged to make multi-processing faster.
However, When you could not allow to scratch the surface and use protective vinyl, the order seems to be difficult.

METAL-ESTE answers this kind of request. You could deburr SUS surface without making scratches by less pressure and low speed grinding brush which do not scratch the surface as much as possible.
It has subtle scratches so that you could not apply it for mirror-finished materials, but you could get a good result without losing the texture of 2B material.
It shows the incredible performance on objects with a lot of holes and complicated shapes and mass products, and we are happy to hear that our client said to us ”We would never miss this.”

Car parts manufacturer Using wheel: F1804

It is the example of coil material pressing, which is the ring shape sheet deburring punched in 40φ outside diameter and 24φ inside diameter.

It was impossible to fix products by vacuum because it is too small to give enough area to suck. As a result, it easily went away with grinding.
Fortunately, It is magnetic so that we offer the magnetic conveyor to deburr our products.
We are happy with the stable fixing with the magnet conveyor.
Also, We realised the full automation by controlling signals between the front and rear devices and ordering particular connection at conveyor, which we had meant to.

Deburring machine Dust-Gathering machine stainless welding laser processing
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