If you look for deburring machine! “METAL-ESTE” which a metal sheet specialists pursuit for all metal sheet specialists. ST-LINK Co., Ltd.

About us

Representative Director Saito KojiThank you for looking at our homepage.

Since we started our business, We have researched and developed to meet your requests via manufacturing, and become what we are.
We really appreciate of you to support us.

Metal sheet companies have been changed these days. The integrated company that could plan, design, product, build, set is productive, which is widely required by meaning of consistent conveniency.
Thankfully, we get good review from customer at our adequate facility and high skilled techniques.
We got knowledge by taking care of the environment problems and share them. We feel responsibility to the world and improve the conciseness.

We always seek what manufacturing maker should be, and want to contribute the community.

ST-Link Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Saito Koji

Company Outline

Company ST-LINK Ltd. co.
Address Postal code 9590113
1365-1 Oigashima, Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture
TEL +81256974846 FAX +81256984821
e-mail info@baritoriki.jp
Representative Representative Director Saito Koji
Fundation Jul, 1972 Saito Ironworks founded
The date to Change the name May,1975 To Saito Ironworks Co,. Ltd.
Business ust Gathering Machine, Deburring Machine, Sheet Metal Processing, Laser Cutting
Capital 10,000,000yen
Site area 10890sqm
Factory area 7425sqm
Employer 70
Bank The Daishi Bank, Ltd. Bunsui Branch
Niigata Daiei Shinkumi Main Office
Rerated company Elex Niigata CO.,LTD.(Niigata)


Jul, 1972 Saito Ironworks founded
May,1975 Privete company Saito Ironworks changed the name to Saito Ironworks Co., Ltd.
May,1975 Introduce a laser manufacturing machine first time in the prefecture
Dec,1986 Move the factory to the Field that the third factory build now(1443-1 Oigashima)
Feb,1989 Founded Elex Niigata CO.,LTD. as a corporative child company in Niigata
Apr,1993 Introduced the Water jet Processing machine. It enable us to cut various materials.
Apr,1995 Saito Ironworks Co., Ltd changed the name to ST-Link Co., Ltd.
Apr,1995 Built The main office and Primary factory at 1365-1 Oigashima
1998~2000 Each place Put dust gathering machine in a thermal power station
Oct,2001 Awarded to present Air cleaner to Bunsui city(Tsubame city now)
Nov,2001 Won Niigata Kendo Business group tournament
Apr,2002 Built New factory(Second Factory) next to Primary factory
Nov,2003 Hold 30 years of our business commemoration
Feb,2005 Authorised ISO9001:2000
Jan,2006 Invented Deburring machine “METAL-ESTE”
Dec,2012 Built “Technical Centre”
Jan,2016 Built The Third Factory by the second factory

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