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Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE Practical Example

Deburring Machine “METAL-ESTE” have 20-1000mm effective processing width, and you could put up to 70mm thickness sheet.
We show you various deburring examples.

Example1: surface treated steel sheet SECC

Material Bonderized steel(SECC)
Practical Workable Size 120mm×70mm×1.6t

The METAL-ESTE is good at deburring surface treated steel sheets (such as SECC). Everyone could achieve standardised deburring easily by specific grinding brushes.

To auto-deburr surface treated steel sheets have been a problem in the deburring field before. We refine the METAL-ESTE and finally succeed to deburr with thin films on sheet’s surface.

It has cleared like the salt spray test and so on, a major company in Japan introduce our product now.

SECC (Bonderized steel) 1.6t Laser

Punch processing・Processing the sheet on back side up

Example2: Stainless (SUS), Aluminum(AL)

Aluminum t =1.5 Turret punch press processing: punch processing・process punched sheet on back side up.

We deburr various materials from Steel, Stainless and Aluminium to each metal, raisins, woods.
You can use this flexible from subtle deburring(light chamfering) to chamfering like R3.0.

Punch processing・Processing the sheet on back side up

Example3: Three-dimensional object

Aluminium three-dimensional object

You can chamfer against the object which has around 10mm height difference by the points.
In this case, you chamfer a lot on higher part.

Aluminium three-dimensional objective shape
chamfering after cutting.

Aluminium three-dimensional objective shape chamfering after cutting.

SS 4.5t checkered plate laser cutting

You could deburr checkered plate and burrs, which has a little unevenness.

SS 4.5t checkered plate laser cutting

Example4: Protective vinyl attached

Protective vinyl attached

Example5: Accessaries

SPC 2t Press pruducts outside diameter φ30

You could deburr the magnetic object by magnet conveyor even if it could not be fixed by sucking with a standard conveyor.
If the object is not magnetic, you could fix by fixing equipment. Please ask us.

SPC 2t Press manufacturing object outside diameterφ30

Example6: Oxide film

SS 12t laser cutting

It eliminates the oxide film caused by oxygen cutting.


Example7: Finishing(option)

SUS304 2t Laser cutting

We offer you the option which finishes the surface damaged by deburring.

Example8: Laser dross

Laser and plasma cutting might cause dross and hard burrs.
METAL-ESTE does not have the power to eliminate them all so that you have to choose the option which erases them before, called the dross remover.
Because if you just do belt grinding, you could not remove the burrs totally, and makes secondary burrs so that you need to use METAL-ESTE after.
Deburring by METAL-ESTE enable you to chamfer beautifully.

SS 3.2t Laser cutting

SUS304 3t Laser Cutting

Deburring machine Dust-Gathering machine stainless welding laser processing
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