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The difference between old type deburring machine and METAL-ESTE

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The difference between old type deburring machine and METAL-ESTE

Could you tell us the episode how you decided to choose METAL-ESTE?
We are Metal Sheet company.
We developed this to make de-sharp-edging and deburring easier, which always happen after punching, laser cutting, sharing, cutting&grinding processes for metals.

How did you deburr before?
Well-skilled worker deburred with more power tools like a disk sander, leutor, wire cap.

What are the demerits in the old deburring?
Firstly, It has a problem on workers health and safety.
It causes back pain because it requires employees to be half-sitting. Workers might absorb grinding dust and the work with more power tools which rotates fast speed cause cutting hands and getting something in your eyes.
The workers must use dust protecting mask, dust protecting glasses, leather grabs.
Secondly, there is also a problem that the uneven quality of deburring by the worker’s level.
The worker might deburr deeply, make secondary burrs, scratch the surface other than burrs, forget to deburr, make unevenness, and so on.
Finally, It is a problem in the factory environment.
Other worker absorbed the air with grinding dust go up inside the plant and heaped dust might cause secondary pollution to products and raw materials.

Does METAL-ESTE solve all disadvantages in ab old type deburring system?
METAL-ESTE means circling, vibrating rotary brushes in “The comparison to Metal sheet deburring method” below. You could get even deburring for crosswise and lengthwise edges, and each punched holes.
You do not need to train your worker to be experts because all they have to do is put the products on the conveyor of deburring machine in METAL-ESTE workflow. The deburring work is safe because it is done inside grinding room closed by the door.
Besides, we offer you the dust gathering machine for exhaust from inside the grinding room so that we take care of inside and outside the environment. We are dust gathering machine maker as well.

Metal sheet deburring method
Method Feature
Hand-works Merit Able to deburr freely
It is less cost to maintain
Demerit It affects people’s health severely by exposing grinding dust
Grinding dust scatters around inside the factory, pollute inside the mill and other products.
Workers’ posture in deburring is bad for their back.
The quality of deburring is different by the workers.
Wet type Merit -- Demerit you need an effluent treatment Problem of the rust
You need drying processes You see uneven drying
Disk Sander System
Roll Sander System
Merit You could deburr both at the same time
Put off dross
Demerit You could deburr the edge of the sheet, but side of the hole
If it a small hole, the burrs do not come off and leave inside hole like the “Whiskers.”
The sheet surface is ground
A little diameter grinder
(Leutor attached robot type)
Merit Deburr around the hole
Drosses come off
Demerit You need a teaching
(It could not apply to a little number of products)
The way to push a hard ball. Merit Able to deburr beneath
Drosses come off
Demerit The surface gets hard, and it affects subsequent processing.
Little scratches do not come off and stay laying inside.
Cup brush Merit -- 短所 Make scratches on the sheet’s surface.
It has a deburring gap at the edge.
Rotary Brash Merit Grind the edge selectively Demerit It has a deburring gap at the edge.
Circle, Vibrating brush Merit Grind the edge selectively
Achieve even deburring at all directions
Demerit You need to put the burr face upside.
The machine has a complicated structure.

In a broad range of deburring machine on sale, Have you thought of introducing one of them?
We have introduced deburring machine, too.
It was the wet system for deburring with rotating grinding spindle and vibrating left and right.

Could you tell me the merits and demerits of deburring machine on sales?
The grinding brushes are eccentric from rotating axis.We improve the standard eccentric rotating & vibrating rotary brush system to our original, eccentric structure so that we achieve even deburring by hitting brushes in all directions.
The grinding brushes are eccentric from rotating axis. METAL-ESTE has the eccentric brush circle and vibrates axis so that this can achieve the complete grind with multi-angle brushing in any workflows. The detailed picture(PDF)
Please check even deburring by the trial.
If you check the old deburring machine, you could check whether you deburr evenly or not with the method below. If you look at the sucking hole worn-outed by deburring, the hole gets wider in the perfect circle by even deburring, in ellipse by uneven deburring.
A deburring machine with random deburring pattern tends to get the sucking hole larger in ellipse shape by grinding.

Unused sucking holes on conveyor

Unused sucking holes on conveyor


An old sucking hole on deburring machine. The hollow on the surface’s hole is ellipse.

An old sucking hole on deburring machine
The hollow on the surface’s hole is ellipse

METAL-ESTE’s sucking hole. The hollow on the surface’s hole is a perfect circle.

METAL-ESTE’s sucking hole
The hollow on the surface’s hole is a perfect circle.

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