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What materials Could we use to?
You could use such as SS400, SPC, SUS, Aluminium, Copper Sheet, and Surface treated steel sheet(SECC, ZAM, SGCC). These are almost all metals, but there is a case to use a resin.

How much the maximum size I can deburr?
The conveyor width of “METAL-ESTE” has 3 types: 1300mm, 1000mm, 600mm. The length of conveyor delivering is unlimited.
On the other hand, it could work for small works which have around 10mm angle.(It is different from the shapes)
It adheres the objects with sucking hole on the conveyor by vacuum. If it is small objects and causes less sucking power, the objects jump away when you deburrs it.
In this case, you could fix it with the special fixing equipment. If you only deal with magnetic material like iron, you could choose magnetic conveyor.

How thick objects can I deburr?
When grinding brushes for deburring are new, you could put them up to 70mm.

Do you have a problem with Electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheets(SECC) like bonderized steel and zinc-coated?
An old deburring machine could not show the best performance toward surface-treated steel sheet like Electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheets(SECC).
Because Brushing method makes deburred output in different qualities, other way makes scratches on the surface, and even if you try modest setting to the surface-treated steel sheet, you find burr in a particular direction. Then if you put objects on the machine, again and again, you find the scratch on the surface gradually.
On the other hand, METAL-ESTE achieves the multi-directional and even deburring. Also, It deburrs without making scratches by using grinding brushes for the surface-treated steel sheet, which we invited recently.

Can I remove drosses?
METAL-ESTE does not take the grinding method connected to change the shapes because it chooses to deburr only edges Therefore you could not remove the drosses.
“METAL-ESTE” is the machine for selective grinding a little only on the corner to change the shape.

Can I deburr the products which need to clean surface such as surface grinding and hairline?
In the case of grinding sheet and hairline, you could deburr the products which are sealed surface protection film and cut by METAL-ESTE directly
It leaves surface protection film and grinds just around corners.

*Some sheet might come off.
You have to make sure when you try the surface protection film first before choosing.

Can I deburr the solid geometry shape such as deburring and lancing?
You could deburr the solid geometry shape. If it is, the objects tend to go away because of those hit brushes hard.
If it is the solid geometry shape, you need the fixing equipment for the objects. You could put up to 70mm height.

What do you have for machine adjustment to process?
You could adjust the rotor speed, conveyor speed, blower rotating speed, deburring height, circling speed, vibration speed.
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