If you look for deburring machine! “METAL-ESTE” which a metal sheet specialists pursuit for all metal sheet specialists. ST-LINK Co., Ltd.



How much space do I need to set?
You have to check “Full view” in the catalogue.

You need the space below to think working and Dust-gathering setting area.

  • METAL-ESTE 600S:3m×2.5m
  • METAL-ESTE:3.5m×3m
  • METAL-ESTE1300:4m×3.5m

If you are struggle with making the space, please ask us. We need to another idea like put Dust-Gathering machine separated position.

How much ST-Link do to us about settings?
We are dust gathering machine maker so that we deliver “METAL-ESTE” and Dust-Gathering machines including attached one, the setting, exhaust duct setting and so on…
We project the setting cost individually because it changes the length of dust and the position that you want to set.
However, You should set electric wiring by yourself on the site.

How is like electrical wiring setting on the site?
You need primary power source setting for “METAL-ESTE”.
Also, You need to line power lines and signal lines from METAL-ESTE at the attached Dust-Gathering machine.
When you chose optional Dust-gathering machine, you might need the primary source of energy individually; please ask us.

How much the electric capacity
Product electrical capacity
METAL-ESTE 600S 11.8kW Dust-Gathering Machine 1.5kW
METAL-ESTE 17.9kW Dust-Gathering Machine 3.7kW
METAL-ESTE 1300 31.1kW Dust-Gathering Machine 3.7kW

Because the standard dust gathering machine needs an electric power supply, you need to prepare an integrated power source.

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