If you look for deburring machine! “METAL-ESTE” which a metal sheet specialists pursuit for all metal sheet specialists. ST-LINK Co., Ltd.

Performance and Design

Performance and Design

How much is the weight?
Product Weight
METAL-ESTE 600S 1200kg Dust-Gathering Machine 160kg
METAL-ESTE 1850kg Dust-Gathering Machine 240kg
METAL-ESTE 1300 2500kg Dust-Gathering Machine 240kg

Could you deburr something as a trial?
We are always happy to deburr “Test Piece” to let you know the performance of deburring machine “METAL-ESTE”.

You could use your phone, FAX, E-mail. Please do not hesitate to ask us.

It might take a long time to create test pieces by its types and season.

How much the noise level?
It depends on the point you set, but it is less than 80 dB.
It is possible that you decrease the noise level with soundproof cover, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Do you take care of the safety?
Regarding human health, Workers are not exposed by grinding powder with minus pressure in the grinding room.
It massively decreases the injured during working. The door does not open for safety during working. In the brush changing work, for example, you could not control rotors, circling, vibrating with the door opened.
We set emergency stop buttons located controller, the entrance of conveyor, exit of the conveyor in the case.
Deburring machine Dust-Gathering machine stainless welding laser processing
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