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The flow of delivering products

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Deburring Machine “METAL-ESTE” The flow of delivering products

We explain the flow from Contacting to delivering products and setting

1. Contact
Contact us with the contact form, phone, FAX, E-mail.

Tell us the materials, thickness, size in details.

You could request us to test piece.

2. Send us the sample
Send me sample products, and then check the finished product by METAL-ESTE.
3. confirmation
Talk us about designs and options in details.
4. Projection
We let you know the projection and delivery time.
5. Contraction
We recommend you to come and see our METAL-ESTE at once actually.
6. Projection included setting
We decide final projection by the setting position of METAL-ESTE, whether there are dust gathering machines and exhaust ducts.
7. Delivery and Setting
We set them at the site.
It takes around 2 months from contraction to delivery.
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