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Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE Option

Concerned safety and environment in the factory and working efficiency, we could meet your request by setting the dust gathering machine and security solution by our rule.

Each option lists by each model

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Reversed conveyor movement ×
6 brushes × × ×
Signal Tower ×
Spare Working Table ×
Return Conveyer ×
Magnet Conveyer ×
Foot Switch
Thick Sheet Detect System ×
Base Point Setting Auto-detect ×
Painting Colour
Controller type
Arm Type Controller ×
Dust gathering change ×
*Notice We make the broad range of special order like energy-saving sensor, barcode function, etc…. please do not hesitate to ask us.

Reversed conveyor movement

Reversed conveyor movementYou could control the direction of conveyor freely. If you do not tell us first, it is going to go right to the left as a controller.

If you want to change the direction after setting, it costs more and spend a certain time.

Setting return conveyor

Setting return conveyorReturn Conveyer Settings You can put the objects on a deburring machine at the entrance of conveyor, and collect them.

It is ideal to increase the work performance against a lot of small products.

Setting return conveyorThe right picture is the actual example at the exit. We offer you as you request depended on the shape of objects.

Magnet Conveyer Setting

Magnet Conveyer SettingThe conveyor needs a certain amount of adsorbent area to fix the object by air adhesion.

*You could use only the object like iron which could be fixed by magnetic power.

Adding Foot Switch

Adding Foot Switch Adding Foot Switch You could turn on/off freely by the foot switch.

Sheet Measuring Function

板厚測定機能It measures the thickness before you put the objects and adjust the best position by its thickness.

The height is automatically set by simply placing work piece on the plate thickness measuring table in the feeding section.

Work efficiency will be improved drastically compared to conventional method and setting mistake will be prevented.

Base Point Setting Auto-detect

You have to set base point irregularly because grinding brush is worn out. Each worker set each way and even if it is the same worker, a subtle error happens.

This function enables you to stable the base height automatically by sensor without your sight and sound, you could concentrate more on your work, and it causes improving the product’s quality.

Arm Type Controller

Arm Type ControllerThe Arms Type Controller If you want a controller like the entrance of conveyor or free place, you could select the Arms type controller from machine’s body.

Signal Tower

Signal TowerYou could watch the state of signal tower apparently from fat.

We set another switch, buzzer switch, and mirror to pay attention to the safety.

Grinding Brush Type

Grinding Brush TypeGrinding Brush Type Standard model has 4 brushes, and we offer you 6 brushes seeking for more productivity.

Controller type

Touch Panel

Touch Panel

Button・volume type

Button・volume type

The standard controller is 8.4 touch panel, and we offer you the button volume type controller.
The touch panel controlling gives you the best processing pattern, manage the processing time by every material and shape.
We apply simple button・volume type which has a similar interface to a deburring machine in oversea.

Spare Table ・・・ to improve the productivity

Spare TableIf you want a smooth workflow to Spare Table, we prepare you a special cart to set at entrance and exit.
It is ideal for long scale objects. You could change the size by the size of objects.
Please ask us if you want a particular cart, conveyor to take in, an individual table for next working flow.

Proper dust gathering machine setting

We are Dust-Gathering machine maker so that we set the machine at a rightful place(whether it is inside or outside) to your working environment.
We adjust the sucking power, give you high performance.
You might use your dust gathering machine; please do not hesitate to ask.

You could choose Standard dry type, an optional dry and explosion-proof type, wet type METAL-ESTE.

Standard dust gathering machine(bag filter)

Standard dust gathering machine(bag filter)
It is the standard type dust gathering machine.

Wet type dust gathering machine

Wet type dust gathering machine
If you deburr the explosive material, you should choose this product.

The body colour is changeable by factory’s colour as you request.

The default colour is blue&white. Others are going to be the option so that you ask us about price and delivery time individually.

Standard colour: White × Blue

Standard colour: White × Blue

Ivory × Black

Ivory × Black

Standard colour: White × Blue

Standard colour: White × Blue

Red × Black

Red × Black

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