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Our company takes the protection of your privacy very seriously.

  1. Acquiring your personal information
    We specify the purpose of usage and acquire personal information in a fair and appropriate manner.
  2. Usage of personal information
    We use personal information within the initial and rationally equivalent purpose of usage that is it is necessary for operating the business stated.
  3. Sharing personal information with a third party
    Except for the law rerating case, We will not provide to or share with a third party the personal information provided by users who access Our website without the consent of the user himself/herself.
  4. Management of personal information
    We maintain the accuracy of private information and manage it safely.
    In order to prevent the loss, damage, falsification, and discloser of personal information, we will have appropriate information security measure for computer virus for unauthorised access and others.
  5. Release, revision, termination of usage, and erasing of personal information
    We verify that our customers has the rights for releasing, revising, terminating the usage, and erasing of personal information and if our customers request these, we answer so without any objection.
  6. Organisation and System
    We take measure to have personal information handled appropriately in our daily operation.

ST-LINK Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Saito Koji

About how we take the personal imformation

  1. About the definition of personal information
    We use your personal information to improve our various service.
    The personal information here means your identifiable and unique information, such as your name, postal code, address, phone number, E-mail address.
  2. On the use of personal information
    We use personal information within the predefined purpose of usage that is it is necessary for operating the business stated below.
    ・Inform you the products deliberation and send a reference data, and regarded follow-ups
    ・Inform you the new products information,recruitment for monitoring and research about our service by mail, E-mail, phone and so on.
    ・Response your query quickly and conduct great service.
  3. The entrustment of personal information
    The personal information that we acquire shall not be provided to third parties without your consent.
    There are cases where the company may entrust personal information to other businesses to successfully achieve its purposes.
    Even in the cases, we surely manage entrusted personal information and request other businesses to deal it properly.
  4. Release, revision, and termination of usage personal information
    If you have any opinions and questions about Release, revision, and termination of usage personal information that we possess, please contact our “Contact Desk”.
    We act properly in accordance with the aim of the Personal Information Protection Law.

About how we take the information on the website.

  1. About Cookie
    Our websites might use cookies(the standard technique to identify your computer on web server) for the reason below.
    ・Improve the performance user experience on our website
    ・Detect and solve the problem on web server.
    You are allowed to disable cookies if you wish with the setting of internet checking software.
    If you execute this, you might not use our website properly, please understand that.
  2. The Usage of Statical Tools
    Our website uses statical tools to acquire the customers’ access logs and save specific information on log file automatically as almost all other website do, too.
    We only use the information that we aquire for improving our website and service.
  3. The Protection of personal information
    We are not responsible for privacy policies for any other individuals’ websites liked with our website.
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