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The decisive factor for the VE proposal

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Watch out Maker’s designer! It is the decisive factor for the VE proposal!!

I want to cut the cost in Metal sheet department!
But, I have already done that, this…
What am I going to do?
However, to be honest,
You use more money on your deburring processing.
Designer・Developer Order making metal sheet・output graphs
It is de facto standards like “There is no barring”, “If there are any instruction, go with light chamfering.”
Metal sheet company Production・Finishing
Metal sheet companies are struggling with the deburring works!
Deburring works by hands take a particular time; the cost gets high at the end .
We offer you a solution.
For example, the case of surface treated steel(like SECC)
Deburring machine which deburrs without leaving surface rough | METAL-ESTE Quality
Practical Processing Area 150mm×150mm×1.6t

Practical Processing Area

  Deburring by hands METAL-ESTE
Parts Sander, Leutor, File, Corner rounding cutter, etc… 180 brush
Processing time (100 works) 500 minutes 20 minutes
Comment It takes hours to deburr without scratches; the each quality are different. Our deburring machine could work without leaving the rough surface scratches and standardise the deburring.
Deburring machine Dust-Gathering machine stainless welding laser processing
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