If you look for deburring machine! “METAL-ESTE” which a metal sheet specialists pursuit for all metal sheet specialists. ST-LINK Co., Ltd.


The difference between old type deburring machine and METAL-ESTE

  1. Could you tell us the episode how you decided to choose METAL-ESTE?
  2. How did you deburr before?
  3. What are the demerits in the old deburring?
  4. Does METAL-ESTE solve all disadvantages in ab old type deburring system?
  5. In a broad range of deburring machine on sale, Have you thought of introducing one of them?
  6. In a broad range of deburring machine on sale, Have you thought of introducing one of them?

Performance and Design

  1. How much is the weight?
  2. Could you deburr something as a trial?
  3. How much the noise level?
  4. Do you take care of the safety?


  1. What materials Could we use to?
  2. How much the maximum size I can deburr?
  3. How thick objects can I deburr?
  4. Do you have a problem with Electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheets(SECC) like bonderized steel and zinc-coated?
  5. Can I remove drosses?
  6. Can I deburr the products which need to clean surface such as surface grinding and hairline?
  7. Can I deburr the solid geometry shape such as deburring and lancing?
  8. What do you have for machine adjustment to process?


  1. How could I use the dust gathering machine?
  2. Could you choose the painting colour?
  3. Could I select like an external operation display?


  1. How much space do I need to set?
  2. How much ST-Link do to us about settings?
  3. How is like electrical wiring setting on the site?
  4. How much the electric capacity?

Maintaining and consumable things

  1. How long can I use grinding brush (paper)?
  2. How long the life of grinding brush(paper)?
  3. How long time will it take to change grinding brushes (paper)?
  4. What do you have any other consumable things?/a>
  5. Do you think that it is better to use thick belt regarding the life of conveyor belt?
  6. Is it hard work to change the sucking belt?
  7. How is it like daily maintaining?
  8. Does it need the periodic inspection?

We answer your question

  1. I heard that because there is vibration, the machine vibrates. Is that true?
  2. I heard that it is not productive if dust gathering hood is located up against heavy dust. What do you think?
  3. Because brush for METAL-ESTE is heavy so that the axis is getting down, is that true?
  4. I heard that it works by gear, is that no problems? I am worried about the damage by dust from cutting.
  5. I am wondering that the thin conveyor belt has worth durability than thick ones.
  6. In my opinion, 4 grinding brushes have weaker deburring performance 6 ones.
  7. It would be the advantage to consuming less electric power, but I doubt that it has less performance than the one which uses larger energy.
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