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Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE patented

“Metal sheet company pursuit for the deburring machine for Metal sheet company.”

 Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTEBy the general society order nowadays, you need to make safe working place and safety, the injury in deburring operation is not allowed. On the other hand, The product with burrs decreases the productivity of the process, and its market price.
Burrs should not be… but you want to deburr your products without scratches on the surface.

ST-Link offer you like metal sheet maker who thinks of the better productivity than manual deburring!

Deburring machine by 4(6 as an option) grinding brushes

Deburring by 4(6 as an option) grinding brushes does not do a damage easily and prevent secondary burrs.

It applies the way to hit (pat) the burr with the grinding brushes. It prevents the scratches and secondary burrs compared to the way to hammer or cut burrs.

The grinding brushes are eccentric from the circling axis.


The detailed picture (PDF)

Deburring machine “METAL-ESTE” has the eccentric brush circle and vibrate axis so that this can achive the complete grind with multi-angle brushing in all zone.

You could get clear deburring by multi-directional grinding.

METAL-ESTE Motion Schematic Diagram

METAL-ESTE Motion Schematic Diagram

It deals with various objects even for the three-dimensional

In addition to the eccentric structure above, grinding unit(the box shape equipped 4 -6 brushes) circles the circling axis and rotate around the swing shaft.
By the combination of those motion, It achieves the multi-directional grinding, comprehensive deburring.
It does not just work on the periphery, but also punched holes at the same time.

It could manage from thin sheets to three-dimensional parts, even with protective vinyl.

It is ideal for a light chamfering and deburring after like laser processing, turret punching(NCT), pressing, shirring.
It does not suit for laser dross removal, but we offer you dross removal device individually. It shows enough performance on deburring after dross removal.
Practical processable width is 20~1000mm; The Max Thickness is up to 70mm.
You could adjust the quantity of chamfering by adjusting the height and speed of grinding brushes (Paper) flexibly.
Also, you could directly deburr the products with protective vinyl and three-dimensional objects.
Furthermore, You could remove oxide film by cutting with a laser cutting.

Reliable fixing to small parts!

The air flows inside the METAL-ESTE

The air flows inside the METAL-ESTE

METAL-ESTE fixes the object on the conveyor by sucking blower at conveyor hole.

The exhausted air by sucking blower returns into deburring machine, The returned air and dust after deburring are filtered by upper dust gathering hoods to Dust-Gathering machine.

You would get the merits below.

Constant sucking makes secure fixing to small products!

Sucking blower keeps high sucking power because it is not affected by the losing pressure like at filters.
Therefore, It could suck even a small products and deburr.

Prevents brushes from clogging and keeps stable deburring

It drops grinding dust from grinding brushes by air blow returned from sucking blower.
It prevents brushes from clogging and keeps stable grinding power.

Active exhaustion

We set exhaustion hoods upper side by the dust generation.
That makes the better exhaust performance.

The direction of dust.

The direction of dust.

Upper cutting ascending
downer cutting descending
Therefore, the upper cutting makes the best grinding performance; It is the most productive way to put the hood up to gather dust.

You could deburr thin sheets without making a warp.

Because it is the Brush-type and touch softly, it does not make a thread on your products.

We think of the working environment and safety for workers

Dust-less clean working

Dust-less clean workingThe dust by grinding affects the working environment and your body badly; your worker could not work without dust protection glasses and mask.
METAL-ESTE keep factory environment clean. You would never be bothered about being something on your eyes or sucking something.

Compact Design, Save the Space

It is compact because it contains sucking blower to fix your products.
It is the Dry-type deburring machine so that you do not need the dehydrate facility and drying process in the wet type.

The Safety Design

During working, the door is locked. You could not start to rotor and circle and vibrate for safety with the opened door.
We set emergency stop buttons located controller, the entrance of conveyor, exit of a conveyor in the case.
We make it remove the static electricity at the exit of your product, which is caused by friction between grinding brushes and your products.

The Safety Design

Easy for everybody

Touch PanelYou could control with controller in front of the body to adjust start and stop, and frequent use function(conveyor speed, the speed of grinding brushes, ascend and descend of the grinding brushes)
You often open and close the door a day so that we make it open by a finger.
Daily maintenance and cleaning are easy so that you do not need to use tools to change the grinding brushes and achieve this just with one touch.

Cut the cost and High deburring performance.

The deburring machine for Metal sheet company.

We have researched and developed the deburring machine to down the cost than before.
It is designed to save both initial cost and running cost.

You could cut the working time Maximum 1/5 ~ 1/20 than hand-deburring

Multitask-Processing with a conveyor.
You could achieve much higher productivity by the introduction of METAL-ESTE if you were deburring by hands.
Work by a worker.

punchingWe have done deburring including punching by 18 minutes for 100 sheets(left picture, 300×400 size punching)
We have done by 10 seconds a sheet.

How long would it take if you work by hands?

Stable quality

By hand work, you get the uneven products by workers’ level and the environment.
METAL-ESTE supplies stable products.


We offer you a safe working environment, productivity, setting dust gathering machine, our safety rules.

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE Tabular drawing・Functional points

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE Tabular drawing

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE Tabular drawing

Type ME-2307
Maximum Woking Width 1000mm
Maximum Woking Hight 70mm
Dimension Width 2125 Depth 2280 Height 2200mm
Weight 1850kg
Conveyer speeds 0~4.0 m/min
Power 17.9kW
Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE Catalogue(PDF)

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE Catalogue(PDF)

We have the catalogue for deburring machine “METAL-ESTE”.
Please check here.

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