If you look for deburring machine! “METAL-ESTE” which a metal sheet specialists pursuit for all metal sheet specialists. ST-LINK Co., Ltd.

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“Metal sheet company pursuit for the deburring machine for Metal sheet company.”

You need to take care of the working process and product’s safety, The injury by deburring could not happen at this time. On the other hand, The product with burrs decreases the productivity of the process, and its market price.
Burrs should not be… but you want to deburr your products without scratches on the surface.

ST-Link offer you like metal sheet maker who thinks of the better productivity than manual deburring!

The merit of deburring machine introduction

Cut the human costs.

Hand deburring

Hand deburring

You could cut a lot of man-force.
(Maximum 1/5 ~ 1/20 down than hand-deburring)

You could achieve the even deburring, which you never get from hand-deburring

Deburring by deburring machine

Deburring by deburring machine

You could supply reliable products because you would not see the uneven products by workers’ level and the environment.

We realise clean workspace to human and factory

METAL-ESTE keeps plant environment clean. You would never be bothered about being something on your eyes or sucking something.

It releases you serious works.

It is not dangerous at all with safety devices.

The comparison to the performance of METAL-ESTE series.

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE

The Deburring machine for a standard metal sheet. It is easy to deburr because you just put your products on the 1000mm width conveyor.

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE 600S(Small Ver.)

It is the smaller version of METAL-ESTE. It saves the space and clamps small products actively.

Deburring Machine | METAL-ESTE 1300(Large Ver.)

It is the bigger version of METAL-ESTE. It deburrs large-size products by 1300mm width conveyor.

Deburring Machine | METAL-HANDS

Flexible, Handy deburring machine. Reasonable price with the particular table.

Deburring Machine | METAL-TOUCH

You could grind, hairline(HL), deburr, remove oxide film freely! It is possible for you to deburr unusual shape, pipes, fabrication! Very reasonable price.

Deburring Machine | METAL-LINER

This flat line finishing machine realizes a beautiful finish easily for both plate materials and welded structures. Replacement is easy with a double belt mechanism. Two types of finishing can be done without belt exchange.

Deburring machine Dust-Gathering machine stainless welding laser processing
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